"Within a few minutes of my first session with Iza I had a transformational experience.  But more important to me was her presence and her healing touch. You can’t teach someone to develop this kind of healing touch - it’s a natural gift."    

     J Darryl, Healer, California, USA  


"The session was an eye-opener for me.  You are a remarkably gifted healer - kind, understanding and patient. Your healing and clearing modality is so very unique. "    

     Santiago S.,  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


"It was an amazing experience!"   "I felt rejuvenated after the session. Thank you very much Iza!"          

     Charles C., CEO, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia




A safe and loving space.


Nurturing and deeply personalized energy healing sessions

supporting your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing  


A holistic approach; working with the unique aspects of each individual's mind, body and spirit as inseparable aspects of the whole.


I offer my intuitive Source Field Healing modality, that has grown out of

several powerful techniques, including Reiki.

Welcome to Source Field Healing!

My name is Iza and I am glad that you are here.


My purpose is to help you create and integrate wellness and balance into all aspects of your life.  Together we will work with your natural healing rhythm and connect you to your inner wisdom.  

Here's what I offer:

What clients have said: